As your cardiologist, I want to share what in my opinion are some of the most important advances in cardiovascular medicine.

Still heart attacks are number one killer.
Every 30 seconds of so, somebody has a heart attack in the United States.
It kills more women each year than all forms of cancer combined. As genetics play a role, poor lifestyle and dietary choices are equally important.
We know that bad cholesterol elevation, many times produced by our own body, is one of the responsible factors.
While statins ( Lipitor etc) are great in lowering LDL cholesterol, many times the goal is not reached or the medication not tolerated due to side effects ( muscle pains, etc).
Statins work in lowering the production of cholesterol but a new class of medication works by increasing its elimination.

This new group of medications are know as the PCSk-9 inhibitors. Currently they are two in the market.
Studies showed excellent efficacy, great safety profile and didn’t cause many of the adverse effects of statins ( muscle pains, abnormal liver function tests, etc).
I think they will change the way that we treat elevated cholesterol and heart disease.
More studies are still ongoing. The only disadvantage to other treatment modalities is increased cost.
If you have elevated cholesterol or heart disease or have been intolerant to statins, mention to your cardiologist about the use of PCSK-9 inhibitors.
Will be happy to help you navigate through the complicated world of cholesterol treatment'

Mauricio Melhado M.D.

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